Climbing the majestic Rock Of Guatapé, Colombia

Rock Of Guatapé

The Rock of Guatapé or La Piedra del Peñol in Colombia’s Antioquia region is a geological marvel.

This towering landmark attracts thousands of adventurers yearly, who come to admire the colossal formation and climb to the top for panoramic views. It takes 740 hard-earned steps to reach the peak.

The history of the Rock Of Guatapé

The 70-million-year-old Rock of Guatapé stands 656 feet tall near Guatapé, a two-hour drive from the bustling city of Medellín. This natural wonder made from granite holds cultural and historical importance locally.

The rock’s name, steeped in history, comes from the Tahamí people’s reverence for it before Spanish colonization in the 16th century.

Nearby towns Guatapé and El Peñol later disputed ownership of the rock in the 1980s. Representatives from Guatape scrawled “G” on the iconic monolith trying to make it their own before El Peñol’s townspeople intervened.

Ascending the Rock of Guatape

Climbing the Rock of Guatapé tests endurance with its 740-step zigzagging staircase.

Though challenging, the observation tower atop this batholith rewards climbers with stunning views. The summit also features a convenience store and a designated area for seating.

Below lies the expansive Guatapé Reservoir, with its turquoise waters contrasting the surrounding vivid green hills and interjecting islands.

As climbers conquer the Rock of Guatapé, they encounter a fascinating transition in both altitude and vegetation. The journey up exposes trekkers to a diverse array of flora from verdant foliage at the base to hardier plants up top.

Visitors can find a shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary approximately halfway up the steps.

Climbing Rock Of Guatapé
Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Sebastian Reategui
Climbing Rock Of Guatapé
Climbing Rock Of Guatapé
Climbing Rock Of Guatapé