The Tasmanian Giant Crab is the king of crabs

The Tasmanian Giant Crab is the king of crabs

Add the Tasmanian Giant Crab (Pseudocarcinus gigas) to one of the animals you’ll want to see in person one day.

The crab’s immense size and un(stealthy) appearance make it a captivating sight for animal lovers and fishermen alike. But where does one buy Tasmanian Giant Crab? Read on to find out.

How big is the Tasmanian Giant Crab?

The Tasmanian Giant Crab ranks fifth among the world’s largest crabs. It weighs up to 39 lbs and measures up to 18 inches in shell length.

Additionally, one of the claws is significantly larger than the other. The asymmetry makes the crab appear even more massive than its body.

The size of this colossal crustacean is genuinely astounding. By all means, just look at it held by adult humans!

The Tasmanian Giant Crab is the king of crabs
Photo: Seal Life via Twitter/@StrangeAnimals

The massive crab is hard to miss with its large black pincers that resemble those of Edward Scissorhands. In fact, the crab itself is bigger than most 2-year-olds, making it a rather imposing figure in its underwater world.

Not surprisingly, the male crabs use their sharp shears to catch, crush prey, and outcompete each other for resources.

Where to find and buy the Tasmanian Giant Crab

This monstrous “king” of crabs calls the deep, muddy ocean waters of Southern Australia home. As Sydney, Australia-based chef Dan Hong tells well-known travel vlogger Mark Wiens, “these you can’t get anywhere else around the world.”

At 460–885 feet, the depth of its habitat makes encountering this beast in the wild no easy feat. Since 1992, fishers have been targeting this prized catch in Tasmanian waters, causing concern for its sustainability. In fact, buying a whole Tasmanian Giant Crab costs hundreds of dollars at $88 per pound.

Tasmanian Giant Crab for sale

This specifies the price range per pound for the Tasmanian giant crabs:

Website NameLocationPrice Range (per pound)Contact Information
Seafood BoutiqueAustralia$
Ferguson AustraliaAustralia$100 – $
Estar OceanUnknown$80 – $
The Tasmanian Giant Crab is the king of crabs
Photo: Twitter/@smitthi92
The Tasmanian Giant Crab is the king of crabs
Photo: Twitter/@TomOfTheCroke
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Before you go…

Finding one of the world’s biggest crabs is just the first step. 🦀 Did you know? The giant crab you just read about isn’t the only behemoth of the deep. Read my next article to ensure you know the other top-largest crabs in the world.

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