The stealthy ghost crab

ghost crab

The ghost crab is about as big as your hand but as fast as lightning. 

The eight-legged little creature moves across sandy beaches at 100 body lengths per second, up to 10 miles per hour. That’s blazing-fast compared to the size of a human and a cheetah, who achieve speeds of 11 and 20 body lengths per second, respectively.

The camouflage king of the sand

Now you see me, now you don’t.

The ghost crab typically burrows deep holes in the sand and reemerges late in the day. They can even adjust their pale colors to match the distinct hues of the grains of sand. So you’d be lucky to spot one of these near-invisible creatures. And if you do, be prepared for it to dash away as soon as it gets a glimpse of you.

But within those stalky eyes, which can also operate like self-cleaning windshield wipers and cute little faces are teeth that growl at predators when threatened. The ghost crab is the first example of an animal that uses its stomach to communicate. 

Meanwhile, the crabs survive off insects, small clams, and other sand crabs. 

The stealthy ghost crab
The stealthy ghost crab

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