The Potoo bird may be the scariest bird you’ve ever seen

Potoo bird

The Potoo bird, or Ghost bird from Central and South America, gives off a startling expression.

The strange-looking bird possesses a hooked snake-like bill with a massive gape the animal uses to swallow moths and other insects.

But even more freaky are their yellow googly eyes that glow up at night. Potoo birds control pupil dilation to optimize incoming light, making them keen nocturnal insectivores.

The ghost bird’s incredible use of camoflauge

The potoo bird enjoys excellent camouflage, making it easy to perch upon a tree branch or fence and remain undiscovered and undisturbed during the day.

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In addition to looking like a goofy muppet — after all, they look more like frogs than owls, the latter to which they’re unrelated — the bird may be best known for its sound, projecting a creepy melancholic song.

These crazy looking creatures are awkward enough to star in their very own horror movie.

Potoo bird
Potoo bird
Potoo bird

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