Ireland’s impressive Dún Briste Sea Stack

Dun Briste is a 150-foot sea stack off County Mayo on the western coast of Ireland, at Downpatrick Head.

According to the legend, this impressive landmark broke off the mainland during a massive sea storm in 1393. Ships rescued those living on the cliffs who’d fallen into the water.

During the 1980s, scientists discovered remnants of a medieval house on the property. The discovery supports the theory that an arch leading to the rock once existed. After all, Dun Briste translates to “The Broken Fort” in Gaelic.

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The Dún Briste Sea Stack sits approximately 260 feet from the shore. Now, we get to see thousands of years of geological formation caused by rough wave erosion and the molding of sandstones, limestones, and even seashells in one chunky layered tower of rock.

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