Where do Attenborough fan-throated lizards live?

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Attenborough’s fan-throated lizard (Sitana attenboroughii) is a species of fan-throated lizard that lives in southwestern India, initially discovered in the coastal state of Kerala.

A team of Indian researchers uncovered the striking lizard in open ground patches in 2018, subsequently publishing their findings in January 2018’s issue of Zootaxa. They named the lizard after natural historian David Attenborough.

The Attenborough’s fan-throated lizard males flaunt their colorful dewlaps — loose red and blue skin on their necks — to woo potential mates during mating season. The males also expand their fan-structured throats to ward off rivals encroaching on their territory — watch two having a fight. Females, meanwhile, have smaller white-colored dewlaps.

There are 15 different species of fan-throated lizards, with the Attenborough’s fan-throated lizard the most recently discovered. Indian herpetologists discovered the smaller lighter-colored Sitana devakai fan-throated lizard in 2005.

Species NameFound InUnique Features
Sitana attenboroughiiKerala, IndiaVibrant blue throat fan, named after Sir David Attenborough.
Sitana ponticerianaIndia, Sri LankaDark spots on the fan, prevalent in dry regions.
Sitana devakaiIndiaSmaller size, lighter coloration.
Sitana sivalensisNepal, IndiaLarger throat fan compared to other species.
Sitana fuscaIndiaDrab-colored throat fan.
Sitana schleichiIndiaSimilar to Sitana fusca but distinct in scaling.
Sitana spinaecephalusIndiaRecognizable by its spiny head crest.
Sitana laticepsIndiaCharacterized by its broad head.
Attenborough’s fan-throated lizard

Attenborough’s fan-throated lizard
Attenborough’s fan-throated lizard