Waterfall of the Bride in Peru

Brides Waterfall Peru

Is nature greater than any human artist?

There’s a beautiful 165-foot waterfall outside the city of Cajamarca, Peru that forms the shape of a bride in her wedding dress.

The source of the waterfall is a cave that starts 200 meters before the falls. The hidden cave and sudden falls, together with pareidolia that makes us see shapes in objects, give the ghostly impression of a lady wearing a white veil.

Known as “Cascada La Novia” by locals, Bride’s Waterfall takes its name from settlers who believed that the waterfall was formed to commemorate the tragic loss of a woman’s soon-to-be husband. The bride wished the waterfall into creation after her finance was shot dead by her father.

Below is the tragic story according to the legend.

“In times of yore, a couple of lovers who loved each other deeply despite the rivalry of their families, decided to get married, but on the big day so special for both, the father of the bride took a rifle and shoots the groom propitiating him the death instantaneously, this act caused the bride wrapped in tears and with a huge grief to run out with her beautiful dress towards the mountains, and being there when she could not bear the sadness of losing her beloved, she made a pact with the Apu and the Pachamama, which turned it into a beautiful waterfall, so that everyone could appreciate its beauty for all eternity.”

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