The Dragon’s Eye Stone Mine in the UK

The Dragon’s Eye Stone Mine in the UK

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What looks like a scene out of Indiana Jones or J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, the Dragon’s eye stone mine was discovered at the Hall of Giants stone mine in Lancashire, UK.

How the dragon eye formation was found and photographed

The underground adventurers who discovered the mine in Northern England took the picture using a fisheye lens which distorts reality.

Despite the play of light and spherical appearance, the rock’s surface is flat rather than curved.

The explorers entered the secretly guarded cave through a ‘window in the floor.’

“You go through a window in the floor,” said one of the Underground Explorers, a UK Based Underground exploration and Research group.

“You have to crawl through and there’s a slope going down. I think it used to be a mine. When you get down there it’s a load of caverns and caves. We actually missed the dragon’s eye at first.”

A ‘Dragon Eye’ metamorphic rock formation

The Dragon’s eye formed due to a collapsed mine roof. The exfoliation of the rock has since exposed different colored sediments.

We can’t be the only ones waiting for the stone to blink.

Dragon’s Eye Stone Mine in the UK
Photo: Twitter/@evrthangel
The Dragon’s Eye Stone Mine in the UK
Photo: YouTube/Underground Explorers C9C
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