The Dragon’s Eye Stone Mine in Lancashire UK

The Dragon’s Eye Stone Mine in the UK

The discovery of the Dragon’s Eye Stone Mine at the Hall of Giants stone mine in Lancashire, UK, resembles a scene from Indiana Jones or J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

The collapse of the mine roof caused the formation of the Dragon’s Eye. As a result, the rock’s exfoliation has exposed sediments of different colors.

The distinct appearance of this structure, composed of metamorphic rock and showcasing concentric bands of different colors, has captivated the imagination of the few who have had the opportunity to see it.

We can’t be the only ones waiting for the stone to blink.

The Dragon’s Eye Stone Mine in the UK
Photo: YouTube/Underground Explorers C9C

How urban explorers captured the Dragon’s Eye Stone Mine

The Northern England adventurers who found the Dragon’s Eye stone mine used a fisheye lens to take a distorted picture.

Despite the play of light and spherical appearance, the rock’s surface is flat rather than curved.

The explorers entered the secretly guarded cave through a ‘window in the floor.’

However, only a few urban explorers know the location of the Dragon’s Eye Stone Mine, sharing its coordinates among themselves while monitored by nearby residents.

“You go through a window in the floor,” said one of the Underground Explorers, a UK-based underground exploration and research group.

“You have to crawl through and there’s a slope going down. I think it used to be a mine. When you get down there it’s a load of caverns and caves. We actually missed the dragon’s eye at first.”

A once in a lifetime discovery

In 2021, Dan Dixon, a well-known urban explorer and creator of the YouTube channel “Exploring with Fighters,” visited the Dragon’s Eye stone mine twice.

He lives near the dragon’s eye, which does nothing to demagnify its significance.

“It’s in my top three. I’ve been to battleship island in Japan, which is the holy grail of all abandoned explorers. I’ve stayed the night in Dracula’s castle, I’ve been to all these places, Romania, Italy…we were not ready for this.”

“This is one of those underground anomalies, one in a million chance.

“I’ve been looking for this for five years, and it’s literally 10 minutes from my house,” said Dixon.

The discovery of the Dragon’s Eye Stone Mine testifies to the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Hidden treasures may be waiting just below the surface, even right outside our doorstep.

Dragon’s Eye Stone Mine in the UK
Photo: Twitter/@evrthangel