The beautiful and secretive Agami Heron

Agami Heron

The Agami Heron might be one of the most beautiful birds in the world. It’s undoubtedly one of the most unseen.

The reclusive bird resides in the wetland habitats of Central America, stretching south to Peru and Brazil.

One would think its elaborate plumage and a silvery splash of neck plumes would make it easy to spot. Brazilians nicknamed it “Soco beija-flor” or “hummingbird heroin” for a reason.

But the medium-sized bird also has short legs and incredible stillness, making it hard to find in the humid tropical lowlands.

A highly secretive and shy bird

The Agami Heron’s quiet nature makes it hard to identify as it lurks in backwater vegetation, waiting for prey with its dagger-like bill.

This secretive shy tropical bird, also called the Chestnut-bellied Heron, is the sole member of the Agamia genus.

Agami Heron
Agami Heron
Agami Heron
Agami Heron

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