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Meet Bolivia’s powerful female wrestlers, Flying Cholitas

Photographer Todd Anthony took pictures of Bolivia’s indigenous female wrestlers for his new project, Flying Cholitas.

This unique group of athletes wear more than stylish dresses and beautiful petticoats — they come together to demonstrate pride in their history.

Once colonized by the Spanish and rejected as lower-class citizens, pejoratively known as “cholita,” they have since embraced the name to symbolize their persistent fight against subjugation and hierarchy.

Symbolizing the culmination of strength, power, and beauty, the cholitas will not be denied in activism nor aesthetics.

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The reflective salt flats of Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

The high-altitude salt flats of Salar de Uyuni in southwest Bolivia create the world’s biggest natural mirror.

Considered one of the flattest surfaces on Earth (4,086 sq mi), the salt flats can be seen from outer space.

The salt itself is up to 32 feet thick at the center, hovering below a thin layer of water which emits the reflective mirror effect.

Visitors to the location are known to take pictures that play with the perspective of the viewer’s depth.

Check out some of the photoshop-looking optical illusions video after the jump.

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