Fly Geyser in Nevada USA: Facts and location

Fly Geyser

Located in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada is a small Geothermal geyser that looks like an alien form bursting with life: The Fly Geyser.

The Fly Geyser resulted from a human-made drilling accident in 1916 when someone went drilling for a water source. Instead, they penetrated a pool that spewed 200°F of scalding hot water that flowed from a group of conical rocks.

Let’s look closer at Fly Geyster’s formation and exact location in Nevada.

Fly Geyser, Nevada

How Fly Geyser formed

Fly Geyser is a marvel born of multiple human errors.

Another nearby drilling incident in 1964 created the multiple fountain cones today. As the hot, geothermally heated water emerged, it carried dissolved minerals, primarily calcium carbonate and silica.

Calcium carbonate and silica deposits built up over time to give the sprout its imaginary shape. The mounds and terraces that characterize Fly Geyser also accumulated psychedelic green and red-colored thermophilic algae, adding to its vivid and bizarre landscape.

The conic openings are about 6 feet high, buttressed on a 12-foot wide mound. Be reassured that boiling water still shoots over 5 ft into the air!

Where is the Fly Geyser in Nevada?

Fly Geyster stands on the private Fly Ranch property in Washoe County. The exact coordinates for Fly Geyser are 40.8597° N and 119.3313° W. This unique geyser is approximately 20 miles (32 kilometers) north of Gerlach in the Hualapai Flat.

The geyser is near State Route 34, providing relatively easy access for visitors. However, it’s important to note that visits are only possible through organized tours due to the geyser’s location on private property.

Tours for the Fly Geyser operate on private land owned by the Burning Man Project, part of the larger Black Rock-High Rock Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area.

Fly Geyser, Nevada
Fly Geyser, Nevada