The tiny Etruscan pygmy shrew

tiny Etruscan pygmy shrew

The Etruscan pygmy shrew is a tiny mammal of the family Soricidae. It is the smallest mammal on Earth by mass, weighing just 1.8 grams on average.

The adorable animal can eat twice its body weight though, feeding mostly on insects throughout the day. At night, they use their elongated nose and short whiskers to search for prey.

The estimated size of this rare creature is about 1.57 inches, excluding the tail which adds another inch.

They are found in the grasslands of Southern Europe but also North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Etruscan pygmy shrew
Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Trebol-a
Etruscan pygmy shrew
Etruscan pygmy shrew
Etruscan pygmy shrew

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