The original Apple Watch: Seiko’s TV Watch from 1982


In what was amazing technology for its day, the Seiko TV watch (Model T001-3) from 1982 is still one of the smallest TVs ever made with a 1.2-inch screen.

Watch tv on your wrist

With a Liquid Crystal Video Display (LVD), the images would only appear in 32-pixel resolution when exposed to light. So the brighter the light, the better the screen pixels looked. The watch’s battery lasted for only 5 hours.

The watch made its big-screen debut in the 80s movies James Bond Octopussy and Dragnet featuring Tom Hanks. However, the digital LCD wristwatch was first sold in Japan only and was manufactured in limited numbers after that.

It’s easy to see how the Model T001-3 was a precursor to the Apple Watch, which made its debut three decades later in 2015.

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