The exceptionally long tongues of Sun Bears

Think twice if you think your or your pet’s tongue is longer than a sun bear’s.  

Sun bears have tongues up to 10 inches (25 cm) long, which they use to slurp up termites, ants, and beetle larvae. Their agile faces and strong jaws help too. These bears also love to climb trees to find bee larvae and use their tongues to extract the honey.

Although the sun bear’s tongue is unusually long, no other bear species is smaller than the sun bear. They are about half the size of a black bear.

But don’t let their size fool you: these Southeast Asian Omnivores also feature oversized claws that make them terrifying hunters. They are known to grunt, roar, and make short barks.

Even more, sun bears have funky-looking orange and yellow horseshoe-shaped colors on their chests. Call it a baby bib.

The sun bear may just be the weirdest of the bear family if you can count out the socially-distanced giant teddy bears.

sun bear tongue
sun bear tongue
sun bear tongue