Take an amazing “bird’s eye” view above Scotland’s Orkney’s cliffs

Take an amazing "bird's eye" view above Scotland's Orkney's cliffs

Ever wondered what Earth might look like from a bird’s perspective, soaring through the sky?

Elite Falconry, a falconry center based in Scotland, put a 2 oz camera rig on of its White Tail Sea Eagles to record flying over the beautiful cliffs of Orkney, Scotland.

Writes the company on its Facebook page:

Over the past number of years, we have developed an incredibly small, aerodynamic, lightweight, amazingly well balanced, and most importantly, comfortable, onboard fullHD video camera that some of our birds can carry. If you are a long time follower, you will have seen several of the videos we have created. Lots of the work, especially those created with Marra our White tail Sea Eagle, and Stanley, one of our Golden Eagles have featured on numerous TV shows and documentaries. We are delighted with so much of the work, but for us, this one, made on a trip for a little goose hunting on the utterly breathtaking Orkney Islands, on the sea cliffs near the Kitcheners Monument, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean toweards North America and Iceland, is our absolute favourite.

In addition to offering flying demonstrations, Elite Falconry invites wedding organizers to hire the birds of prey to gather aerial footage of events.

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