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The magnificent Dynjandi Waterfall in Iceland

The magnificent Dynjandi in Iceland cascades over 300 feet to give off the impression of an enormous wedding veil

The jewel of Westfjords, one of the most remote areas of the country, Dynjandi waterfall is a set of 7 cascades that span 98 feet wide at the top and 197 feet wide at its base. To get an idea of the waterfall’s scale, take a look at the human in the yellow jacket in this picture. 

The magnificent Dynjandi Waterfall in Iceland

The Icelandic term dynjandi means thunderous or resounding.

No wonder the Dynjandi waterfall is big and beautiful, one of the most impressive gushing waterfalls on Earth, and even more majestic to see it up close. 

See more images below. 

The magnificent Dynjandi Waterfall in Iceland
The magnificent Dynjandi Waterfall in Iceland
The magnificent Dynjandi Waterfall in Iceland
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Impossible heights: Lighthouse of Thridrangar, Iceland

Want to get away? There’s a lighthouse off the coast of South Iceland that sits 120 feet upward on the highest of three steep rocks. It is possibly the most isolated lighthouse in the world.

Built in 1939, the Thridrangar (Þrídrangar) Lighthouse is undoubtedly one of the most challenging lighthouses ever built. Given the swirling winds and crashing waves, climbing the precarious pillar must have been one Herculean task.

Today, Thridrangar lighthouse is only accessible by helicopter.

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Iceland’s Vestrahorn mountain and its ‘horny’ peaks

Vestrahorn mountain in south-east Iceland is one to behold.

Nicknamed “Batman Mountain” for its awe-inspiring beauty, the 1490 foot mountain looks down at the flat black sand of Stokksnes Beach below.

Known for its spiky ‘horny’ peaks that resemble the horns on a bull, Vestrahorn is composed of both gabbro and granophyre rocks.

In order to access the photogenic landscape of the mountain beach, you’ll need to make a small payment to the landowner first. The mountain is situated on private property.

By the looks of it, the experience is worth every penny — especially if you get to see the mountain on a clear night with the Northern Lights.

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Iceland invites the world to scream out its lockdown stress

The COVID-19 pandemic got you stressed?

Iceland’s government, in partnership with the country’s tourist agency Promote Island, will allow anyone in the world to scream into an app and broadcast it into the nation’s vast wilderness.

Let it all out on a speaker in Iceland

All one needs to record a loud scream, wail, or shriek — whatever they want to get off their chest — at and their frustration will play on one of the seven speakers situated around Iceland’s vacant countryside.

Don’t be afraid to let Iceland know how you feel.