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Iceland invites the world to scream out its lockdown stress

The COVID-19 pandemic got you stressed?

Iceland’s government, in partnership with the country’s tourist agency Promote Island, will allow anyone in the world to scream into an app and broadcast it into the nation’s vast wilderness.

Let it all out on a speaker in Iceland

All one needs to record a loud scream, wail, or shriek — whatever they want to get off their chest — at and their frustration will play on one of the seven speakers situated around Iceland’s vacant countryside.

Don’t be afraid to let Iceland know how you feel.

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Giant teddy bears enforce social distancing in Paris cafe

While the world remains alert and anxious over the spread of COVID-19, a bookshop owner in Paris has been trying to lighten the mood.

Philippe, owner of the local bookstore, has been buying up giant bears and distributing them to his local neighborhood of Les Gobelins, Paris.

The teddy bears first appeared in cafes, restaurants, and bars but — according to the bears official Facebook page — been seen in front of the Eiffel Tower, riding the metro, and more.

The bears help make social distancing a little more bearable (see what we did there) in Paris.

Photo: Les nounours des gobelins/Facebook
Photo: Les nounours des gobelins/Facebook
Photo: Les nounours des gobelins/Facebook