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Venice, Italy from space before and after coronavirus lockdown

Once the epicenter of the Coronavirus, Italy has seen its popular cities like Venice deserted.

Check out these before and after photos of Venice from space prior to the lockdown caused by the pandemic.

Venice, Italy from space before and after coronavirus lockdown
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The people’s pollution?

Human absence is having an environmental impact on the city.

Dolphins are purportedly swimming through the city’s canals and the swans have returned.

One can see also little fish swimming in clear waters, also an unexpected side effect of the pandemic.

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The best representations of “social distancing”

Given the paramount importance of social distancing to impede the spread of the coronavirus — everything from sitting nearly 7 feet apart or shopping 7 feet apart — we’ve collected some of the most compelling illustrations across the web.

The reality is that the longer people don’t comply with social distancing or space/physical distancing, the longer we’re going to have to do it to put an end to this pandemic.

Help flatten the curve — stay at home and stay connected with your friends on social media! Conversely, unplug and read books or spend the extra time on a personal project.

Only go out for groceries, medicine, and other essential items.

There are also memes, of course, because…the internet…

The best representations of “social distancing”
The best representations of “social distancing”
The best representations of “social distancing”
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Coronavirus face masks for dogs and cats

Some pet owners in China are going out of their way to protect their animals from the coronavirus by supplying them with masks.

Despite the World Health Organization (WHO) declaration that pets can’t get infected with the virus, dog face masks are flying off the shelves.

But the masks — originally meant to protect against air pollution — aren’t the only devices making their way around the country.

Other owners are sharing their own surgical-based masks with their furry friends, even going so far as to make their own.

This cat owner in Xiaobian, Guangdong Province custom-made a mask for her cat, even poking holes in the mask so the animal could see.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to protecting our little loved ones.