Norway’s stunning obelisk-shaped Stetind mountain

Stetind mountain, norway

Stetind is a stunning obelisk-shaped mountain in Nordland county, Norway.

Author and mountaineer Peter Wessel Zappfe once described its smooth, vertical, and overall distinct shape as “an anvil whereupon the Gods can hammer.”

The 4,566-foot wonder became the official mountain of Norway in 2002. Sailors often use the mountain as a landmark because it rises majestically from the sea along the north coast.

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Pro skydiver Bjorn Magne Bryn shocked the world when he jumped down the iconic Stetind mountain with a wingsuit in July 2020.

Since there’s no simple approach to the summit, Bryn used a helicopter to free-fall onto the top of the mountain before base-jumping down 4,567 feet.

Stetind mountain, norway
Stetind mountain, norway
Stetind mountain, norway

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