Meet the Eye of Earth, Croatia’s Cetina Cave Spring

Croatia Cetina Cave Spring

The Eye of Earth is a karst spring located in Croatia’s Mount Dinara Nature Park. The lake has a unique blend of blue and emerald-green colors. Its elliptical shape makes it look like a dragon’s eye from above.

The small body of water is the primary source of the Cetina River, which flows from the northwestern slopes of Dinara — 6,000 feet above sea level — down through southern Croatia.

No one’s precisely determined the depth of the cave containing crystal-clear water, but they suspect it to be more than 300 feet deep. According to the legend, a meteor crash at the site created the dragon’s eye formation.

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However, this hidden gem is no easy dive or swim, as the water is frigid. Temperatures can go as low as 46.4F, even during 95F summers — quite the opposite of a hot spring!

Croatia’s Cetina Cave Spring
Croatia’s Cetina Cave Spring
Croatia’s Cetina Cave Spring

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