Introducing a new era of spacesuits for NASA’s Lunar return

new spacesuits nasa

NASA has unveiled a new spacesuit specifically designed for the upcoming lunar mission, aimed at accommodating female astronauts more effectively.

The spacesuit, known as the Axiom Extravehicular Mobility Unit (AxEMU), is set to debut in the Artemis III mission in 2025.

The new design expects to address the 2019 all-female spacewalk issue of ill-fitting spacesuits. This one fits around 90% of the male-female audience in the US.

“NASA’s partnership with Axiom is critical to landing astronauts on the moon and continuing American leadership in space,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

“Building on NASA’s years of research and expertise, Axiom’s next-generation spacesuits will not only enable the first woman to walk on the moon, but they will also open opportunities for more people to explore and conduct science on the moon than ever before.”

The AxEMU contains built-in joints, integrated helmet lights, and an HD video camera. Additionally, it features new space boots designed to withstand the extreme cold found in some areas of the lunar surface.

Surprisingly, this is the first significant spacesuit redesign in four decades.

NASA plans to invest $1 billion to develop two flight-ready spacesuits for the Moon mission. While the prototype appears orange and black, the officially released spacesuit will most likely be all-white.

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