Friday’s ‘Strawberry Moon’ is the sixth Full Moon of the year

Friday's 'Strawberry Moon' is the sixth Full Moon of the year

In what will be the sixth full moon of the year, the Strawberry Moon will bring a penumbral lunar eclipse.

The term “Strawberry Moon” originates from the berries that harvest in North America in June. Other names include the Rose Moon, Hot Moon, Mead Moon, and Honey Moon.

A penumbral eclipse occurs when the Earth’s outer (penumbral) shadow slightly darkens the moon to hues of orange, brown, yellows, and pinks.

The Strawberry moon happens on Friday June 5 at 3:12 pm ET with prime viewing at the dawn and dusk hours for East Coasters of the United States.

Take a look at the Strawberry Moon around the world in year’s past.

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Photo/Doug DeDecker
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