Disappearing sandpipers in murmuration

Disappearing sandpipers in murmuration

Behold nature at its finest.

This mesmerizing video of sandpipers flying in unison (bird murmuration) and magically disappearing is not a magic trick.

Rather, it’s the rapid flash of their black backs and white chests in contrast to the backdrop of the blue sky that gives off the fascinating appearance.

The dancing flock looks like a cloud of smoke in the sky.

Mother nature creates the best art installations, never mind that the birds never collide as they dance in coordination. The fluidity of motion mimics that of a boomeranging school of fish.

Magical, no wonder the Romans thought the churned murmurations of starlings were signs from the gods.

You can watch the beautiful spectacle recorded over Ocean Shores, Washington, in the original video below. You can also see more sandpaper murmurations after the jump.