Disappearing sandpiper birds in murmuration

Disappearing sandpipers in murmuration

Behold one of the greatest shows in nature — sandpiper murmurations.

Sandpipers, like starlings, often fly low in coordinated swirls that give the group the appearance of a disappearing magic trick. Instead, the unison of thousands of individual black backs and white chests against a blue sky gives off the pulsating effect.

The “murmuration” is a low murmur from the thousands of concurrent wingbeats and soft flight calls.

Recorded over Ocean Shores, Washington

The seemingly choreographed flock looks like a cloud of smoke, painting patterns in the sky. Blink, and you’ll miss the ephemeral shapes.

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Mother nature creates the best art installations, never mind that the birds never collide as they dance as a collective movement. Like a school of fish, the birds boomerang back and forth with the fluidity of motion.

No wonder the Romans thought the swarm behavior of starlings was a sign from the gods.

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