Climbing Austria’s Intersport Klettersteig aka “Sky Ladder to Heaven”

ferrata Intersport Klettersteig

Austria’s 140-foot long “Sky Ladder,” or “Ladder to Heaven” via Ferrata Intersport Klettersteig connects a massive gorge on the way to the peak of Donnerkogel on the Gosaukamm mountain range.

Captured by adventure photographer Alexander Ladanivskyy, these insane panorama-ladder stairs (made out of steel cables) lie 2,297 feet above the ground and overlook Gosau Lake below.

Photo: Instagram/Alexander Ladanivskyy
Photo: Instagram/Alexander Ladanivskyy

“[The Sky Ladder] is a challenge for the mind, but from a climbing point of view, it is actually one of the easier parts of the climb,” says the bridge‘s designer Heli Putz.

If you’re looking to make the trek yourself, blogger Jess Dales offers a first-hand experience of climbing the Sky Ladder. Word of caution: you’ll need some climbing experience.

The Sky Ladder portion of the route is located approximately 2/3 of the way up the via ferrata. Although the ladder is only rated a “B,” and is not considered difficult relative to other sections of the climb, the exposure is intense and should not be underestimated. In heavy winds, or when others are on the ladder, the movement can be quite unnerving. 

Jess Dales
ferrata Intersport Klettersteig
ferrata Intersport Klettersteig
ferrata Intersport Klettersteig

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  1. Courtney Murray Avatar
    Courtney Murray

    Looks like there is a zip line attached so yes for me 🙂 As long as I’m secure I would climb anything.

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