Behold a Rare Honeycomb Welo Opal

Behold a Rare Honeycomb Welo Opal

The things that Mother Nature produces will simply amaze.

This super rare Honeycomb Welo Opal from Welo province in northern Ethiopia looks like a dinosaur egg that’s about to hatch.

The splash of vibrant colors also makes it look like the opal contains a universe of some sort, especially the fiery bright color which gives the gem its due name.

Below is a stunning Mexican fire opal as captured by gemstone collector Jeff Schultz.

According to Geology, a fire opal “is a variety of opal that has a bright yellow, bright orange or bright red background color…Precious Opal is a name given to any opal that exhibits “play-of-color”, a flashing display of spectral colors when the opal is “played” under a light source.

Check out the Honeycomb Welo Opal and more opal varieties from around the world after the jump.

Another Ethiopian welo opal (Photo: TW/RDianLove)
Opal from Queensland, Australia (Photo: TW/Havenlust)
Cantera opal from Sinaloa, Mexico
Cantera opal from Sinaloa, Mexico (Photo: TW/@western_opals)
Ethiopian Opal Geode (Photo: TW/welcometonature)
Rainbow ContraLuz Ethiopian Welo Polished Opal (Photo: TW/opalactions)

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