A ripped Beluga whale shows its six pack

Beluga whales can get ripped.

Photographer David Merron caught this muscular male off the coast of Canada flashing his six-pack.

Recounted Merron: ‘It looks like this whale has put in a lot of days at the gym!’

A ripped Beluga whale shows its six pack
Picture: David Merron/Caters

The beach body must have paid off. The spiffed up whale soon cozied up to a female companion for a kiss.

Picture: David Merron/Caters

Known for their blubber, it must be extremely rare to find a whale that flexes like Arnold Schwarzenegger with abs of steel.

“I’d been watching whales every day for weeks, and I hadn’t notice any of the whales with particularly ripped bods – so I was fairly shocked,” said Merron who took the photos at the Cunningham River in Somerset Island, Canada.

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“When you think of a whale, covered in blubber, you don’t think of toned abdominals – especially the beluga whales, who spend their lives in the coldest of waters and have blubber 10-15cm thick to keep them warm,” he added.

The beluga whale is also known to have facial muscle that help it smile.

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