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Coronavirus face masks for dogs and cats

Some pet owners in China are going out of their way to protect their animals from the coronavirus by supplying them with masks. Despite the World Health Organization (WHO) declaration that pets can’t get infected with the virus, dog face masks are flying off the shelves. But the masks — originally meant to protect against […]

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Venice, Italy from space before and after coronavirus lockdown

Once the epicenter of the Coronavirus, Italy has seen its popular cities like Venice deserted. Check out these before and after photos of Venice from space prior to the lockdown caused by the pandemic. The people’s pollution? Human absence is having an environmental impact on the city. Dolphins are purportedly swimming through the city’s canals […]

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The best representations of “social distancing”

Given the paramount importance of social distancing to impede the spread of the coronavirus — everything from sitting nearly 7 feet apart or shopping 7 feet apart — we’ve collected some of the most compelling illustrations across the web. The reality is that the longer people don’t comply with social distancing or space/physical distancing, the […]

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Iceland invites the world to scream out its lockdown stress

The COVID-19 pandemic got you stressed? Iceland’s government, in partnership with the country’s tourist agency Promote Island, will allow anyone in the world to scream into an app and broadcast it into the nation’s vast wilderness. Let it all out on a speaker in Iceland All one needs to record a loud scream, wail, or […]


Dragon Storm: A thunderstorm over the Great Pyramids of Giza

A storm nicknamed the “Dragon Storm” made its way through Egypt on Thursday. The storm produced a mixture of high winds, heavy rain, and hail that caused sand storms and flooding, respectively. With all that’s going with the Coronavirus today and the bushfires raging over Australia at the end of 2019, it feels like a […]