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Mirrored ceilings at Zhongshuge bookstores, China

Zhongshuge Bookstore is a popular book chain in China. Each of its stores leverages mirrors in its architectural design to give off a kaleidoscope effect on the interior.  However, one of its stores in the city of Chongqing features a magical and elaborate bookcase. The location features a ceiling mirror that creates an optical illusion […]

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Zhangjiajie’s Bailong Elevator is the highest outdoor elevator in the world

The Bailong Elevator is the world’s highest outdoor elevator, towering an astonishing 1,070 feet high inside the National Forest Park in the Wulingyuan area of Zhangjiajie, China. Opened in 2002, the cliff-facing elevator allows 50 visitors at a time to skip up the mountain in two minutes versus a dangerous five-hour car ride. As you […]

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The best representations of “social distancing”

Given the paramount importance of social distancing to impede the spread of the coronavirus — everything from sitting nearly 7 feet apart or shopping 7 feet apart — we’ve collected some of the most compelling illustrations across the web. The reality is that the longer people don’t comply with social distancing or space/physical distancing, the […]

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Coronavirus face masks for dogs and cats

Some pet owners in China are going out of their way to protect their animals from the coronavirus by supplying them with masks. Despite the World Health Organization (WHO) declaration that pets can’t get infected with the virus, dog face masks are flying off the shelves. But the masks — originally meant to protect against […]

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Cute or Ugly? Meet the Vietnamese Mossy Tree Frog

The Vietnamese Mossy Tree Frog is a species of frog that can be found in northern Vietnam, China, and Laos. The tree frog looks like a crocodile smushed into a tiny 3” body. In addition to its “mossy” looking texture helps it blend in with its environment, the frog is known to curl up and […]


The True Size of Africa

Africa is a massive continent. But for whatever reason, map makers make it appear smaller than its “true true” size. As Polish-American scientist Alfred Korzybski reminds us, “the map is not the territory.” Lines are ultimately arbitrary. Map design is deceptive. But computer-graphics designer Ka Kraise took it upon himself to ‘fight against rampant immappancy,’ in particular […]

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Natural light prevents myopia

A report issued in Nature reveals that staying inside is the leading cause of myopia. The finding refutes the myth that nearsightedness is the result of intense reading sessions and screen activity. Myopia is prevalent in East Asian countries, where the focus on studying means staying indoors rather than benefiting from the outside environment. According to another […]


The 2019 Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Yongqing Bao’s photo of a fox surprising a marmot in the Qilian Mountains in China won the top prize in the 2019 Wildlife Photography Awards. The photograph entitled “The Moment” is a suitable title of a freeze-frame that foreshadows the fox’s imminent attack. What makes the marmot’s palpable shock more extraordinary is that the animal […]